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Cleanance Avene Eau Thermale


Mobile App Development


08 Sep 2019


15 Oct 2019




Avene Eau Thermale is a world-class-brand In the field of cosmetics and parapharmaceuticals. Avene wanted to design a product that would offer daily use tips for the cleanance product line and increase engagement with specific age users - but the road to get there would prove a challenge.


the cause

It all started with a great program

Avene interviewed about one thousand customers who bought a cleanance product the last year. Based on the insights from the report, TWENTY ONE team helped shape the idea for the mobile ap. TWENTY ONE's workshops helped create a completely new buying experience - with a little touch of care, the average customer spend increased significantly. The teams analyzed the retail sales funnel and deconstructed it to see its fundamental parts. We had to find a completely different way to approach clients - something they had never seen before. Research showed us that clients actually valued the service as much as the product, in some cases even more so. So we got to work resolving this challenge - how can we deliver unprecendented customer service?



A collaborative approach

The workshops resulted in designing every possible interaction with customers (How-to-guide, push notifications, smart tips of usage, chat support), from downloading the app lot to completing the calendar in a daily basis, and, finally, the reordering of products.