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Next Commerce. Ecommerce Platform
ecommerce platform by TWENTY ONE. We do not just build online stores. We create digital experiences that are constantly renewed and add value to your business. We build e shops tailored to your potential customers needs. All e shops we develop are scalable, with strong bases to provide security, usability and ease of management. Our main objective is to create channels that drive conversions and bring together consumers with businesses. Visit and find out all special characteristics of our ecommerce platform.
Cutting Edge Technology
For more than 10 years we build online stores and other web applications that excite visitors for large and small businesses. All these years we help businesses achieve their goals online. We have built e shop for a wide range of professional groups, such as clothing and footwear businesses, intensive retail, travel and tourism and more. Choosing the right ecommerce platform is the key. We have developed Next Commerce. Our own ecommerce platform . We use cutting edge technologies to ensure uninterrupted operation and impressive performance of your online store. We invite you to discover the great advantages of our oriented platform by making your next online store. Visit today.
Next Commerce Special Specs
SEO specifically configured for e commerce
Our SEO practices applied to our ecommerce platform are Special Provisions tailored to achieve a high ROI and increase the revenue of your eshop
Custom Design
We provide fully custom design to our ecommerce platform adapted to your corporate identity. Specially formulated responsive design, call-to-action messages for maximizing visitor flows Mobile Application We produce a rest API that is properly configured to provide all the information of your e shop to dynamic interconnection with all mobile platforms such as IOS, Android
Next Commerce Dynamic Integration
Social Network Integration
You are given the opportunity to sell your products through social networks such as facebook, twitter, instagram Price Comparison Engines Our ecommerce platform is Connected via XML with all major price comparison engines in Greece and other international instruments such as Amazon, ebay, Google Shopping ERP Integration Our ecommerce platform Dynamicly integrates with all of the domestic market leading ERP and feature custom integration with custom systems
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