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Ember.js is a powerful framework for creating ambitious web applications and rich single-page sites.

Ember.js is a powerful open-source framework based on JavaScript that helps create rich web applications and single-page sites. Due to its complete tooling, out-of-the-box opinionated solutions, and widely known good practices, it’s also called an SDK (Software Development Kit). It makes development faster and more consistent than using alternative solutions. Ember.js has been around for five years, and the core team’s top priority is to make every Ember application updatable, without the need to rewrite the entire app. Ember also embraces state-of-the-art technologies, and its community is very open and supportive.
The opinionated nature of Ember.js helps new developers to be productive from the very beginning of their work with an application. Over the past few years, many big companies have trusted Ember.js and leveraged the framework in developing their web applications. The major tech players that use Ember are Netflix, Intercom, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Zendesk, Twitch, BritishGas, Microsoft, Apple, Heroku, Square, BBVA, TED, and Customer.io. You can find the full list of organisations that have trusted Ember.js for frontend development here.
Ember js
Ember.js uses one of the fastest rendering engines: Glimmer VM.
Ember’s six-week release cycle provides stability and prevents stagnation.
Ember.js embraces good practices and guides developers how to write outstanding apps.
Ember.js is a battle-tested testing framework that provides many out-of-the-box solutions.
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