WEB HOSTING. Painless web hosting for your apps

Lightining fast and secure web hosting using cutting edge technologies

Painless Express Server
Automatically configure nginx, apache2, and fpm with a click of a button.
Web Apps Isolation
Each Web Application that you own is isolated in their own environment and have their own configuration for Web Server
GIT Deployment
Have your web application in GitHub or Bitbucket? Deploy them easily to your server and automatically updated them when you change your code.
Script Installer
RunCloud comes with script installer for you to deploy famous script such as WordPress, Joomla, myBB, Concrete5 and many more will come. All of this with just a single click of a button.
Painless SSL/TLS
Free SSL/TLS by Letsencrypt or custom provider. Click a button, then your SSL/TLS configuration is comply with PCI-DSS,HIPAA and NIST.
Web Apps Transfer Stats
Need to track how many data usage that you have used for each Web Application? We got them covered.
Server Health Check
Checking you server health every 15 minutes. Any unusual activity will be reported to your email and your Slack Channel.
Firewall by Default
RunCloud only open certain inbound port to your server which is port 22/tcp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp, and 34210/tcp (RunCloud communication port). If you need to open any more port, just head to Security section inside RunCloud manager. State your port and protocol (tcp/udp). And deploy your firewall. If you only want to open/block port to certain IP Address, yes, we can do that. It is that easy? Yes!
Database Management
Manage database easily with RunCloud. Fill in your database name, user and password and your database is ready to use.
We are using Fail2Ban to monitor your Server from being taken over by SSH brute force or by DDOS SSH. Multiple login attempt with wrong password to SSH port will be blocked for an hour. We also running Fail2Ban to our communication port (34210/tcp) to prevent anyone from bruteforcing your Server via our communication port. If you want to disable Fail2Ban, please consider this first
Job Supervision
Supervisord Worker will help to queue PHP Application jobs easier with our new custom interface.
Service Management
Start, Stop and Reload your service with ease with Service Management. For now we only support Nginx, Httpd, MariaDB, Supervisord, Redis, Memcached and Beanstalkd. We will display the current version that you are using, how much processor usage and memory usage. It is never been so easy to manage your service before!
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