Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps: Build mobile-first web apps with delightful UX

Thanks to the progressive web apps concept you can significantly improve your conversion rates and engagement, and lower your bounce rates.
Our experienced frontend team can deliver state-of-the-art progressive web applications that embrace the newest available browsers API, providing native experience available on every device for your users.
Read on to find out how it's possible.
Progressive Web Apps
Push notifications
Thanks to native push notifications in web working on most of the devices in the world, you can re-engage your users the same way as in native, but on web.
Offline first
Being offline first allow your user to use, interact and get value from your web app even when offline. You can achieve the same experience as in native application.
Add to homescreen
Users will be able to add your web app directly to their homescreen. In a result, they will use your app more frequently and spend more time on page.
Mobile design
We can help you creating outstanding mobile design that will focus on your users in three areas - responsive size of screen, UX of gestures and context of your user.
Progressive Web Apps
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