React Native. Build mobile apps with delightful UX

React Native is a powerful framework for cross-platform development. One technology, one codebase, multiple devices, faster development.

React Native is a framework that allows developers to build mobile apps using JavaScript. It uses the same design as React and facilitates composing rich mobile UIs from declarative components. Developers can now reuse code across the web and mobile, and different operating systems. Thanks to React Native, you can deliver high-quality applications for Android and iOS using a fraction of the resources it would take if you went for the native approach.
At TwentyOne, we have leveraged React Native in building multiple apps to keep our products in line with the highest standards and, at the same time, to cut development time. Thanks to React Native’s instant reloading, we are able to deliver products much faster than it would be possible with native developers.
React Native was created by Facebook developers and is now widely used by many big companies to build mobile applications, including Airbnb, Skype, Uber, and Instagram. With the dynamic React Native community growth and its growing popularity, we are bound to see many more React Native applications popping up in the near future.
React Native
One code base
Write the code once and transfer it onto other devices.
Multi-platform development
Focus on the product, features and design, not a platform.
Rich mobile UI
Leverage declarative components to create beautiful interfaces.
Fast iterations
See the results straightaway thanks to hot reloading

Who's using React Native?

Thousands of apps are using React Native, from established Fortune 500 companies to hot new startups.
If you're curious to see what can be accomplished with React Native, check out these apps!

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